Parent's Guide to Graduation

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Salem-Keizer Public Schools has created a new publication to help answer parents’ most commonly asked questions about achievement and instruction as students work to earn a standard four-year diploma.

The Parents’ Guide to Graduation will be mailed home in mid-October. 

One Guide has been created specific to each grade, kindergarten through grade 8, and one for all high school grades combined. Each Guide contains a snapshot of learning standards for the grade level, information about grading practices and state tests, and tips for helping students at home. Materials are available in both English and Spanish.

There are also Parents’ Guide websites with additional resources: http://www.skgradguide.com and http://espanol.skgradguide.com. Both websites were designed to be mobile-friendly to serve parents who want to access information from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Parents may find the Guide most useful when reviewing report cards or at parent-teacher conferences. Conferences are coming up in late November.

The handout is named “Parents’ Guide to Graduation” because each grade is a step along the way to the ultimate goal of achieving a high school diploma. Knowing what it takes to stay on track at each grade level will help students reach that goal.

Salem-Keizer is grateful to the sponsors of this project, Maps Credit Union and ServiceMaster of Salem for supporting the printing of the Parents’ Guide!

Crossing Guard Location/Hours

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Crossing Guard Locations and Times  

14th and School Driveway Exit   8:45-9:15    3:30-4:00
14th and Stonehedge               8:45-9:15    3:30-4:00
14th and Lockhaven                 8:30-9:00    3:35-4:05  

Locations and times are determined by the Transportation Department.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Gubser office or Transportation at 503-399-3100.

Holiday Assistance

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Counselor’s Corner

We are very fortunate to live in such a caring community.  Thanks to people and organizations within our community, we are able to assist a few families in need during the Christmas holiday.  If you feel your family could benefit from receiving a few gifts for your children, please let me know as soon as possible.  Unfortunately we usually end up with more families needing assistance than resources available.  Therefore, those who contact me first will be put on the top of the list.  Please remember that there are usually additional resources available during the holidays through the Salvation Army, United Way, St. Edwards Church and probably many other churches in Keizer as well.  However, I suggest those contacts be made in October or early November as they will also have needs exceeding the resources available.

Deadlines given to me this year are early, so I will need to provide names and gift ideas for Christmas assistance by Monday, OCTOBER 17th at the very latest.  You must be a Keizer resident to receive the assistance per the Keizer organizations who are making this happen.  The first 10 families to contact me will receive assistance as that is the max number of families they are able to help per school.

If you are a parent or community member that would like to help a family in need during the Christmas holiday, we will be having an “adopt a family” program as well.  Families in need, as well as families helping, will all remain anonymous. 

I will be the contact for those needing assistance as well as those wanting to provide assistance.

Thank you,

Michelle Mills, School Counselor


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Thank you everyone for your box top contributions.  Please remember to put your student's name and teacher's name on the baggie with your box tops before dropping them into the gator.  This makes it possible for our Box Top coordinator, Melanie Detwiler, to get your student's thank you gift to them.


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Save the date:  Thursday, October 9, 2014
We are looking forward to another great Job-A-Thon event this year.  Student's will be bringing home their packets soon, so keep an eye out for them.  Our goal this years is $25,000.  We know we can do it!!!!!
Attached is the "Running" schedule.  Family and friends are invited to come during their student's running time to cheer them on.  
Our kick off assembly is on Friday, September 26 at 2:30.  All are welcome to attend.

Lockdown Drills

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Practicing Lockdown Procedures

State law requires schools to conduct two lockdown drills per year. Schools will be conducting a lockdown drill within the first two weeks of the school year, and again within the first two weeks after winter break. These drills will not be a simulation of a threat and are not intended to scare students. We do want students to take the drills seriously so they are familiar with lockdown routines and procedures.  We will practice this procedure Wednesday afternoon, September 10th.

If you have safety concerns, or notice any gaps in our security, then please tell the school principal. As parents, you have a valuable perspective that can help improve safety procedures. As gaps are identified, we will continuously refine and improve our lockdown procedures.

Thank you, Keizer Station Starbucks!

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On Tuesday, August 26th, representatives of the Keizer Station Starbucks came with rakes, trowels and wheelbarrows in hand to help pull weeds and make the front beds look great for the start of school. They even brought coffee for the teachers who were busily meeting to get ready for the students.  We appreciate the partnership with them! 

Back to School Open House

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Back to School Open House
 Tuesday, September 2nd from 4:30 to 6:00
Meet your teacher!
See your classroom!
Hope you can make it!
First day of school for 1st through 5th grades is Wednesday, September 3rd at 9:15. 

Welcome Back!

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Looking forward to a great school year!  Below is a letter from the new principal and a calendar of some upcoming events.

End of school year video

posted Jun 17, 2014, 12:54 PM by Salem Keizer

Here is a video reflecting back on this past school year!

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