Box Tops and More

Box Top Contact is:  Michelle Wofford


Box Tops for Education -


Ways to earn with Box Tops - 


clip and send them in - Gubser earns 10 cents for every Box Top and together they add up.


Try the Bonus app - Buy - Scan - Earn 


Enter sweepstakes on the website



NORPAC  - Label Redemption Program -


Collect UPC labels from Norpac brands - FLAV-R-PAC - SANTIAM - WESTPAC 


Gubser earns 5 cents from every UPC turned in.  



Tyson Project A+ -


Collect Tyson project A+ labels - Gubser earns 24 cents per label sent in.


Amazon Smile -


Use Amazon Smile to make your amazon purchases, Gubser receives .5% of purchases made.  You must use the link and select Gubser Parent Teacher Club, for Gubser to receive credit.


Home Team School Rewards Logo -


Home Team School Rewards Logos from Fast Fixins and Fast Classics packages are worth $.30 each. Become a Fanatic and receive additional savings as you learn money for our school.